Things need confirm before choose your PTZ Camera.

Here at KATO we know that every space is different for PTZ Camera. That’s why we offer ptz camera with different outputs, various FOV, optical zoom choices from 3X to 30X and also options for 720p or full 1080p uncompressed HD video.

If you’re using the ptz camera with a web conferencing system then a USB-based ptz camera will be the simplest solution as the UVC drivers are probably already bult-in to the software. This generally means setup is very easy and straightforward.

PTZ Camera zoom choose is up to your room size.

For small rooms we suggest the 3X for it’s wide field of view and affordable price point. You won’t need a big zoom capability, it’s probably more about getting the best field of view to make sure everyone is in shot without having to fiddle with control too much. For medium rooms that are short and wide you should consider a 3X Wide with USB 3.0. USB 3.0 will provide a noticeably higher quality picture when compared to USB 2.0 but make sure your PC has enough processing power for handling the uncompressed video.

For longer narrow rooms we suggest the 10X-720 USB 2.0 or the 10X 1080p USB 3.0 conference cameras. When you are working with larger boardroom style rooms the 20X or 30X will be your best bet as they provide lossless video with a good field of view and incredible zoom capability. However, with long narrow rooms make sure you consider the distance the USB cable will have to run back to the PC, you may need to use active extender cables. If it’s HDMI output, then again distance from camera to display needs to be considered.

Installation Options

If the camera is going to be desk mounted then make sure the camera is at a height whereby you get the participants’ faces rather than just looking up at their chins and nostrils. We would suggest one of our universal ceiling mounts, or for high or suspended ceilings, then one of our ceiling mounts with pole attachment. Once the camera is securely mounted to the ceiling you can invert the image. One simple thing is also consider the camera colour i.e. do you want a black camera in an all white room? And therefore make sure you buy a mount in the same colour!

What are the possible ways I can control my PTZ camera?


Depending upon your room set up, you may want flexibility in how you give users access to control the camera e.g. to pan left or right, tilt up and down, zoom in and out etc. Generally speaking for corporate users we suggest “simple is always best”! Therefore, considering control options when selecting the right camera to buy is important because you might see a camera that has the zoom you want or the correct field of view, but it might be limited in terms of what it integrates to from a control perspective. Most cameras are supplied with a handheld remote control, but in corporate environments these can often go ‘walkabout’ and you can guarantee that just when the Chairman needs to be in shot, you can’t find the remote control to sort it. So maybe you want to control the camera from a button panel or touch panel, maybe even with a simple joystick controller or over IP from a PC. So things to think about are:

  • Does it have Visca, Pelco-D or Pelco-P protocols?
  • Does it have Serial RS232 and RS485 capability?
  • Can I control it via my USB connection?
  • Does it have an IP ethernet capability?

We cover these various control mechanisms in detail on our website but if you need more help on which camera will best fit your needs or advice on camera installation and control, then don’t hesitate to contact us