What is Video Conference?

cameras-for-conferencing-roomWhat is Video conference?

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So what is video conference?

A video conference is a live, visual, face to face connection between two or more people residing in different locations for the purpose of communication. Video Conferencing Solutions provide crisp, smooth and excellent communication in real-world network conditions. It helps you boost productivity and enhance relationships.

Sometimes the attendees are peers with equal rights and capabilities, each with their video image. More often there is one video going to a larger group, a so called “one-to-many” video conference, often accompanied by a slide window, and a chat window for group discussion and/or questions directed to the presenter.

The complexity can grow to include polling, voting, switching video feeds to presenters all over the world, hand raising to call for your turn to present, pre-recorded video roll-ins, and so on.

Video conferencing can use dedicated hardware like Polycom Video Collaboration Solutions or be software based like Adobe web conferencing software, an early leader in the field.

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