With years of development, video conference has been more and more used in our daily business, whatever you are a company, government or institutions, video conferencing can help achieve better information transfer, real-time communication, video collaboration, and co-working worldwide, It saves time, make communication easy and fast.

As the technology on video conference develops, there are two main trends on video conference cameras, which is a must part of video conferencing.

1, Internet

With internet, video conference can be much easier and more convenient, it allows many people to do real-time communication face to face without the limits of when or where you are, offering a quality but economical video conference center. Especially the 4G appears, it proves the internet will play more and more important part in future video conference cameras.

2, HD, 4K and intelligent

The technologies of HD, 4K and intelligent on TV and computer offers people great user experience, when these technologies are used in the video conference, no one can refuse the great effect of the video collaboration, data sharing, co-working, it will make the video conference more and more like people communicate face to face

Now, there will be more and more video conference cameras with RJ45 output, and there will be more and more cameras support 4K resolution. Let`s check it in the coming new year.