Gartner predicts that by 2024, in-person face to face meetings will account for just 25% of enterprise meetings, a drop from 60% prior to the pandemic.

The new way in which employees are working has meant many businesses are beginning to make changes to their meeting room equipment, to accommodate the need for a video first meeting approach.

With the popularity of video conferencing, video conferencing cameras play an increasingly important role in video conferencing, but do you really know video conferencing cameras? Will you really know how to choose a video conference camera? Read our blog post below and find out the knack of how to choose a good video cameras.

1.Video conference participation scale

According to the size of the video conference space, different digital zoom cameras have great differences in capturing images. For a medium-sized conference room with more than 30 square meters, 12 or 20 digital zoom cameras are generally selected, while for a small conference space, 5 digital zoom cameras are generally selected.

2.Resolution ratio

The resolution ratio of the camera refers to the ability of camera to distinguish the image.

The higher the video resolution, the better the image resolution and the better the image to be displayed. 1080P is normal, 4K is the best in the market.

3.Video camera transmission speed

The video camera trsnsmission speed usually called frame rate, refers to the camera’s ability capture video. Related to the smoothness of dynamic images, the general market mainstream support 30 frames /S and 60 frames /S.The stronger the video capture capability, the more coherent the video image will be.

4.Transmission interface

The output interface for video camera has SDI, USB, HDMI, IP.

USB output interface video camera works with computer, plug and play easily and the price is cheaper.