All-in-One 4K UHD USB MeetingBar KT-A50

Product Features:

  • Simple and Trendy All-in-One Integration

Integrated terminal design,bringing codec, HD camera, multi-MEMS microphone array, and holder together.

  • Stable HD Display with an Ultra-Wide Angel of View

The 120°wide-angle lens and 4K UHD video display work together to easily capture panoramic views and extraordinary moments, making it easy for everyone to participate in the conference.

  • Strong Pickup Effect for Clear and Pure Sounds

A maximum pick-up distance of eight meters with multi-MEMS microphone array, dereverberation,double talk, and 3A algorithms (AEC, AGC, and ANR), effectively reducing noise and making the sound quality clearer and more stable.

  • Dynamic Picture with Facial Recognition Technology

Al core algorithms,such as facial recognition and digital pan-tilt control,are adopted. The picture can be dynamically adjusted to the best position according to the number of participants and position changes.

  • Excellent Platform Compatibility and Easy Operation

ROMTOK BN 1000 can work with numerous mainstream cloud video conference platforms. Coupled with simple operations, it allows you to easily hold or participate in video conferences.

  • Plug and Play with Simple Installation

It can be placed on the desk or installed on any compatible wall or TV mounts.Just connect the USB cable to the PC to easily create/join a conference.