Focus on our newest product-KD30 video switcher

KD30 is a type of video switcher integrated with the functions of PTZ control, LED display, audio control, live video and video switch, which makes it easier for users to build the live broadcast environment !

Here i would like to introduce KD30 in more details:



  • Multi-channel input and output, up to 8 channels of 1080p60 video input, with an IP camera, you can start your live broadcast with only one network cable
  • Support multi-protocol, support the access and output of video via the methods of network, HDMI or local file, support mainstream live streaming protocol, NDI|HX2 optional
  • Integrated mixer, support 4-channel mixer, support multiple audio input and output methods
  • A variety of operation methods, control the live broadcast efficiently through the touch screen, buttons and other methods, so that the live broadcast is under your control at any time
  • A variety of transition special effects, support for multiple transition special effects such as fade in and fade out
  • Custom overlay content, support subtitle overlay and logo overlay
  • High-definition touch display, the switcher integrates a 10.1-inch high-definition display, the device operation mode is more user-friendly



video input 8 channel IP video streaming +1 channel HDMI+ local video
video output 2 channel IP video streaming +1 channel HDMI+ local recording
Network input protocol RTSP、RTMP
Network output protocol RTSP、RTMP、NDI|HX(optional)
Audio input RCA*1

TRS6.3mm*2: Compatible with active and passive signals

Video embedded

Audio output RCA*1

Video embedded

Mixer 4 physical tuning + 8 digital tuning
Transition control T-Bar、button 、touch
Camera Control Support PTZ, focus, exposure, white balance, preset position control


Above is some basic information for KD30.

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What is POE?

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a networking feature defined by the IEEE 802.3af and 802.3at standards. PoE lets Ethernet cables supply power to network devices over the existing data connection.
PoE-capable devices can be power sourcing equipment (PSE), powered devices (PDs), or sometimes both. The device that transmits power is a PSE, while the device that is powered is a PD. Most PSEs are either network switches or PoE injectors intended for use with non-PoE switches. Common examples of PDs include VoIP phones, wireless access points, and IP cameras.
What are the benefits of PoE?

Because PoE allows you to use one cable for both power and data transmission, PoE saves you money on purchasing and running cable for networking equipment and VoIP phones.
PoE makes installing or expanding a network much simpler and cheaper in buildings where it is too expensive or inconvenient to install new power lines.
Using PoE lets you mount devices in places where it would be impractical to install power, such as drop ceilings.
Using PoE can reduce the number of cables and electrical outlets needed in a crowded equipment room or wiring closet.

Here KATO vision would like to share our Multi-interface IP camera.

Video conference camera with POE

Your Favorite IP controller for all video conference cameras

You may be frustrated with the long distance connection between camera and controller , Normally you will need a long RS485/422 cable. But now the IP ptz controller help us solve this problem ,save cost and easier for long distance connection and controlling.

Now shipping! Introducing our KATO VISION completely redesigned second-generation IP joystick. This joystick now includes popular feature requests including 4 dedicated keys for quick camera switching between your main Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras, fully functional iris, zoom and focus buttons plus intuitive auto network searching buttons to quickly find your Kato vision camera on your network.


1.Variable speed control of pan, tilt & zoom

2.Speed step control adjustments

3.Pan, tilt, rotation, zoom, iris, focus and camera settings

4.Preset tour, pattern, absolute position, zoom operation, AUX operation

5.Real time display of the current status

6.Short circuit & overcurrent protection

7.Auto-Search Network

Check more details via link:

KATO VISION Product Launch 4K Video Conference Camera

camera-imageWould you like to see how our latest collaboration solutions can help improve teamwork? Join us to experience KATO VISION innovations first-hand Newest 4K ptz camera for tele-video conferencing meeting.

Premium 4K optics and intelligent PTZ features capture every seat in the meeting room. Kato Vision camera control automatically moves the lens and adjusts the zoom to comfortably frame meeting participants in rooms of all shapes and sizes. With its sleek design, premium materials, and unequalled capability, the KATO camera portfolio raises the bar for HDMI-connected conference camera systems.

Look and sound your best on every video call with KATO VISION 4K PTZ video conference camera. KT-HD60RK, sets a new standard for HDMI-connected conference camera systems, uniting premium design and materials with unmatched audio and video performance.

HDMI 4K+ 3G-SDI +USB+ IP Function

Real 4K resolution, 5X/12X optical zoom can be chose ,2.07~8.5Megapixels

◆HDMI, 3G-SDI, USB3.0,IP,support UVC control ,POE power supply optional

◆Support H264/H.265 ,MJPEG compression enabling,full hd video stream over RTSP,TCP/IP,HTTP.

◆Support IR remote control, RS232/485 controls

◆Support VISCA and Pelco P/D protocol

◆9 preset positions by Visca, 200 preset positions by Pelco

◆Support desktop Tripod, Pole and ceiling mount

4K SDI camera