Broadcast Video Capture Card – HDCA01

    HDCA01 broadcast video capture card, support 10Bit and 8Bit real-time full HD resolution, no compressed video capture, realize real broadcast & film quality edit. It support HDMI, HD Component(YPbPr), AV, S-video, etc. input, the Max. resolution up to 1920*1080, greatly satisfy various of HD Cameras’ requiremen. Besides, broadcast video capture card also has multi digital image and digital noise reduction technique, and color engine auto enhance function,can capture 720P,1080ito 480i/480P multi resolution video source.

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    HD Component YPbPr/ YCbCr
    ResolutionMax. 1920*1080
    Support format:1080 23.98 p/24 p /25 p /30 p /50i/59.94i/60i, 720 50p/59.94p/60p, NTSC/PLA, S-Video
    SDK1 caputr video image and display in video windows
    2 superpose user defined text, image and date/time information on video image
    3 grab signal or multi video image, and save as BMP,JPG,AVI documentor, use callback funtion to the user
    4 image de-interlace process
    5 adjust picture brightness,contrast,chroma and saturation
    6 curtail video resolution, enhance process performance
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