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Conference Microphone Speaker – KT-M2

Conference microphone speaker KT-M2 Omni-directional microphone is a conference phone products not only through your computer’s interface on the Internet for high quality Internet Telephony Conference but also through the headphones wireles mobile phone interface as a speaker and microphone for hands-free calling device, high-quality mobile Conference. Conference microphone speaker has classic and elegant shape is easy to carry. With industry-leading full-duplex audio technology, canperform two-way talks, naturally smooth, clear voice performance is quiteremarkable.

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Product Size15.5 x 14.8 x 3.7cm
Package Size1PC / 27 x 23x 8.3cm
Meas10PCS / CTN / / 28x 38×24 cm
Gross weight10PCS / CTN / /3.2KG
Net weight10PCS / CTN / /7.1KG
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