HD Video Capture Card – HDCA03H

High-performance HDCA03H hd video capture cardd with HD input that can be dynamic switchedsignal source: DVI/HDMI, Compatible with composite video (CVBS), S-Video input signal through the adapter cable, Automatic detection of video formats and effective area.

HD video capture card manually setting effective area, worked as screen cutting and special signal timing

Multi-stage screen zoom function, with 3 different kinds of zoom mode according to the screen length and height.

HD video capture card support vertical filtering and motion self -adaptive interlacingfunction

Hardware color conversion, support RGB24,RGB32,YUY2,UYVY,I420formats

Support color adjustment, can adjust Contrast, Brightness, Saturation, Hue, Gamma; can adjust the Brightness and Contrast of R, G, B separately

Horizontaland vertical reverse function

Firmware can be updated

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