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Keyboard Controller – KT-410C

KT-410C is a keyboard controller design by KATO combine with the video camera for conference system. It support SONY VISCA, PELCO-D, PELCO-P, CISCO, POLYCOM, CANON, PANASONIC and other video conference cameras. Keyboard controller can control 64 video conference cameras, supporting RS232,422,485 control. It use the high-end joystick, flexible manipulation, perfect feeling, high accuracy, just the same as Sony original.

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ProtocolVISCA, PELCOP/D, Polycom, Cisco, Canon, Panisonic
Baud Rate1200、2400、4800、9600、19200
JoystickTriaxial + a button, light coding, accuracy of ±80 level
LCD display screenEnglish character version, blue backlight, 20 characters, 2lines
Button28 keys, Double color backlight, 10 level of brightness
Quantity of controllable cameras64
Video switching matrix controllerCan control 1 video matrix with 8 inputs and 4 outputs
The communication dispatcher16X4=64, can control 16 communication dispatchers, each one divides into 4.
Interface1*RS485 interface, 2000 meters distance for camera controlling
1*RS232 interface, Support communication dispatcher serial port expansion(max. 64) for camera controlling
1*RJ45(RS485/RS232) for Video communication matrix
1*USB connect to PC host for system controlling.
Power SupplyDC12V/500mA
Material of the appearanceAluminium Alloy
Dimension358(L) * 154(W) * 150(H)
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