Video Conference Microphone – KT-M3EX

    The video conference microphone KT-M3EX is the same as KT-M3 just plus two phone.

    It is a 360-degree Omni-directional high sensitivity microphone with USB output, plug&play.

    And compatible with Skype, Windows Live Messenger (MSN), Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, AOL, iChat, etc.

    Industry-leading real full duplex, realize high quality audio teleconference by connecting to internet PC.

    The quality of the built-in 360 high sensitivity microphone 16-foot radius you can move around and call freely, aural reception has no dead ends.

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    Buttons 12 standard number button; on/off key; redial key; conference call; speed dial; Mute; hold key; volume up/down key; menu key; up/down key; back key; enter key;
    Display 128*64; LED
    Master Phone Weight 37.4*33*7.0cm; 960g
    Power connector size 22*9.8*6.0cm; 333g
    Expansion microphone weight 8.98*8.36*2.77cm; 110g
    Power supply 220V AC/50HZ
    Environmental requirement Temperature: -10℃~40℃

    Relative humidity:10% to 95%

    System requirement With USB interface PC and conference terminal

    Windows8.1(64bit/32bit); Windows8(64bit/32bit);

    Windows7(64bit/32bit); Windows Vista SP1 and above(32bit); Windows XP SP2 and above(32bit); Windows 2000 SP4

    Package list Master Phone; Power connector; Expansion microphone X2; Master Phone cable; Power cable; Telephone cable; Manual
    Interface Standard USB 2.0
    Microphone 3X omnidirectional, intelligent adjustment
    Expansion microphone 2 sets, can connect with expansion devices
    Amplifier frequency response:300 to 3300HZ
    Signal Process Self-adaption echo cancellation, array control
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