How to choose the right video conference cameras or solutions for your demands?

Nowadays, people worldwide more and more use video conference for business, video communication has been widely used in our business and daily life. Truthfully, the video conference can save us time and money on communication, do you really know how to choose the right video conference cameras or solutions for your demands?
Here are three steps to help you choose the correct cameras for your video conference system. Here we go:

Step 1: Find out what your main purpose is to use the camera
Video conference cameras can be used for video business meeting, global video conference, remote education, telemedicine, live events, church events, broadcasting and so on.

1, Video conference: If you are going to use it in your conference room, then the first thing you need to consider is how big is your meeting room and how many people will attend the online meeting(you need to choose other related devices according to this).
For normal conference room, a fixed optical zoom camera or 10X or below 10X optical zoom camera is enough, USB output is ok as it is convenient and no driver needed, for example, our model JT-HD30DU or JT-HD90DU, They are all USB output, 1080p resolution, no noise pan tilt, JT-HD30DU is 10x optical zoom, JT-HD90DU has 3X and 10X optical zoom, all easy to use and suitable for the conference.
If your conference room is big, then you need to choose one more than 10X optical zoom, for example, 18X or 20X optical zoom.

2, Church live events: as the light in the church is complicated, it requires quality image sensor to capture the clear image in different light conditions, so the cameras with SONY image sensor and big optical zoom will be right choices, such as SONY 7310 or SONY 7500 image sensor with 20X or 30X optical zoom

3, Telemedicine: if you are going to use it to communication on the medical solution or medical conference, you can refer to the first one, if you are going to use it for remote surgery, then I suggest you go directly to the big brand company with really advanced technologies such as Sony, Huawei, as the remote surgery is about life, it requires very clear and stable cameras, also better with no delay on data transfer.

4, Broadcasting: If your broadcasting requires no delay on data transfer, I also suggest you go directly to the big brand company for solutions. If you don`t have a high standard on data transfer, then you can try with 20x or 30x optical zoom cameras with Sony image sensor, and you need to pay attention to the output interface to check if they can match with your other devices.
Here offer 4 solutions for your reference, If you need to know more solution suggestions, please contact me, I can help.

Step 2: Check the main factor that determines the quality of the cameras
The main factors determine the quality of a camera is stability, image effect, functions, and output interface, these depend on the image sensor, effect pixels, lens, signal system, resolution and so on, you can refer my another article here.

Step 3: Choose a professional manufacturer or a brand to purchase
Video conference camera is the product with high technique, it is not a product that anyone can make, so ask yourself, how can a company make quality cameras with just 1-2 year experience? (Of course, this is not a must but a reference in the checklist) Choose a professional manufacturer or a brand company will save your time to choose and compare. A good manufacturer will discuss your real demand on cameras, then offer suitable solutions after understanding your demand, and they will also offer lifetime technical support and the good warranty, you can get what you need with assurance and time-saving.
The article ends, but learning never ends, welcome to share your experience and knowledge on choosing the right video conference cameras, I am always open to discuss. Also, if there are some mistakes in the article, please feel free to correct, it will be much appreciated. Thanks for your reading.