In recent years, with the support of various technology products,  more ways for people to learn knowledge with higher efficiency. Global technology innovation continually, which makes people’s lives more convenient, but also benefit education. Among them, the largest impact product is video conferencing system. So what’s the application of video conference system in the education industry?

Distance learning; a teacher can teach students across the country at the same time via video conferencing system. Although separated by great distances, can achieve a class “face to face”, just need teacher invite students to join into the teaching system network. They can interact in class, whether it is named, ask questions, or answer, demonstration, there is no limit; moreover, writing on the blackboard, learning materials can be shared, class scene can also be automatically recorded by video conference system. So, learning efficiency will be significantly improved.

video conference system

Academic exchange; educational institutions can regularly organize conference or experience exchange after introducing the video conferencing platform. Outstanding teachers can share teaching experience and discuss academic issues with other teachers from all over the world through a variety of ways. In the exchange meeting, they can share all kinds of files and computer screen, even electronic voting. Teachers can have regular remote-training organizations in different places, to enhance their teaching level. Wherever the teachers work, can participate in the same training with the same information.